GoKart – Electric Golf Trolleys

Why do golfers choose the GoKart electric golf trolley?


It’s so easy to use
The GoKart has just two controls. An on/off switch and a variable speed roller. (more..)

Fold it up and it disappears!
We joke in the advertising that if it were any smaller you’d lose it in your car boot. (more..)

Award winning design – and made in the UK
We came up with the idea of the GoKart and worked with a team of design experts. (more..)

Choose your look and the kit you need.
GoKart is available in a range of nifty colours, with an ever expanding selection of accessories. (more..)

Unrivalled customer service, 25 years experience
We really have been at this malarkey for more years than we care to remember. (more..)

Two year warranty
When you buy a GoKart we give you two years warranty on the trolley. (more..)

No risk, 28 day try out period.
This is a simple offer. If you buy a GoKart and you don’t like it, let us know within 28 days and we’ll collect it and give you all your money back. (more..)

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GoKart electric golf trolley in orange

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